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Compost Workshops

Microbe Farmers, Unite!

Upcoming Composting Workshops

Compost Workshop 06/25 – 06/26

When: June 25th & 26th
Location: The Nectar Barn, CA
Price: $250

Topics of this compost workshop:

  • Making the mother pile
  • Vermicomposting
  • Live microscope samples
  • Compost teas
  • Compost extracts
  • Home garden focus.
Capacity: 25 participants.
Camping: Limited camping available, please inquire.
Parking: There is limited parking, carpooling is encouraged.

Learn more about our host:

How to register?

Please send your payment to reserve a spot. For our refund policy and other details check our Refund and Returns  page.

Compost Workshop 06/04- 06/05

When: June 04th & 05th

Location: Down Om Farms in North San Juan, CA
Price: $250

Topics of this compost workshop:

We will be making thermophilic compost, compost teas and extracts, and doing live microbe ID. We will talk about sprayers and application of microbes and more.

  • This workshop has a focus on composting & cannabis
  • What is closed loop cannabis farming?
  • How to use alpaca manure in a vermicomposting sysmte
  • How to create Hugelkultur garden beds?
  • Aspects of sustainable landscape design
  • Permaculture cannabis
  • Ferments for/of cannabis
Capacity: 25 participants.
Parking: There is limited parking, carpooling is encouraged.

Learn more about our host:

Down Om Farms are about 40 minutes out of town. If you are looking for accomodations you can get in touch with Daniel. Please text him at +1 (561) 398-0487.

Both camping and AirBnB are available.

Check them out on: Instagram or Facebook

How to register?

Please send your payment to reserve a spot. For our refund policy and other details check our Refund and Returns  page.

If you love soil as much as we do, and have a focus on learning regenerative soil efforts, you’ll love these workshops! We’re on a mission to form a web of support for other microbe farmers who are passionate about soil life.

Through these workshops, you will learn to make compost, compost extract, and compost tea, so you can use them as tools to support the fertility of your soil. If you’re a soil person, you’re going to love these events.

We’ll hold in-person workshops throughout the year and dive into different topics. We want to find donation-based symposiums where we can all gather to join in on the conversation about soil health.

Would you like to host a workshop on your farm or property?

Would you like to have an event for your employees to get them up to speed while defining your standard operating procedures?

Please contact us today!

Or reach out on Facebook and Instagram.

Examples of What We Teach

Soil Assessment Through Tactile Touch

Here’s a photo that shows just one of the things we teach at our compost workshops. In this image, we are showing how to explore and gather data about compost using your hands. We encourage you to squeeze it to assess the stickiness. We’ll point out how cool the compost should feel and give you an idea of how many drops will come away from it when it’s put under pressure. We’re capable of understanding things so much better when we use all our senses.

These sensory experiences are part of ensuring that soil life is thriving. Plunge your hand into a compost environment with us! Feel the cool, moist environment. Pull out a handful and squeeze it, smell it. As you practice with us, you’ll learn the secrets to soil assessment through touch, and the small details will become clear!

How to Make Compost

Using the rich information we’ve gleaned from Dr. Elaine Ingham, we will show you how to make your own compost. We’ll talk about where to find your composting materials, what materials to use in your compost, and how to troubleshoot common composting problems.
How to Make Compost Extract
We’ll cover how to properly extract your compost, show you a couple of fun shortcuts and demonstrate how we make compost extract. We’ll talk about what supplies you will need if you want to make compost extract, too.
How to Make Compost Tea
We’ll show you how to aerate your compost extract and add food resources. We’ll recommend some of the products that we use to make our compost tea and demonstrate how we do it. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask. We are all for helping you become knowledgeable about soil life!

What Workshop Attendees Have to Say

“Super grateful to learn about soil, teas, and extracts to build healthy soil! The workshop is well underway and we’ll be feeding this beautiful elixir to all of the plants and trees on the property.”
River Oak Gardens

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