Catalyst BioAmendments

We craft compost with care and are excited about farming soil microbes.

We love Compost

We are soil microbe geeks who love what we do and take it very seriously. We take care to ensure that everything we deliver to our customers is as high quality as possible.

We support commercial farmers and home gardeners and have worked with farmers who operate vineyards, fruit and nut orchards, and other high-value crops.

We want our products in your gardens because we would love for you to see what they can do for your plants. Soil is a thriving ecosystem and we are happy to help with your gardening and farming needs.

Microbe Farmer Swag

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We produce high-quality compost that supports helpful soil microbes.

We start with controlled ingredients to feed the soil food web that drives plant growth, health, and vigor. We regularly test our compost to ensure microbial life can be supported, and before we ship, we take samples.  

We are diligent about ensuring that our compost products are top-notch.

That is why only selected ingredients make it into our windrows.

We are shipping bagged top quality compost nationwide.

Please request a freight quote for bulk compost.

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Microscopic Inspection

How do we differ from other compost or soil makers? We take samples along the way as we produce compost, and for each batch we create. Other compost and soil makers don’t use this level of granularity and send their samples to an external lab for analysis.

We also regularly do independent assessments but we go out of our way to take samples ourselves and rate the microbial life.

We have been keeping track of our microbial population for a considerable amount of time and have documented samples since starting our operations.

We also use external labs to check our compost, but we use our own microscopes to take care of the microbes and ensure that they are thriving.

We do this because we want our compost to be predictably beneficial to your garden or crop.

Are you interested in seeing what’s in your soil or compost?

Send us a sample for a microscopic assessment.

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